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We have been rendering Professional WordPress consultation as well as WooCommerce services since the year 2012 with huge success rate.

Are you looking for professional WordPress recommendations and suggestions for a project? Do you want a freelancer who understands all the technical aspects of WordPress from A-Z? These could be topics on subject matters like themes, plugins, programming, web design and many others.

Our expert services cover every aspect of WordPress and WooCommerce at an affordable price

Apart from providing WordPress support and advice, we are very much prepared to help you create the perfect WordPress & WooCommerce installation concept. Take advantage of our expertise today to grow your business.

Professional WordPress consultation and support services for shops and websites

Since the year 2012, LK-Media has remained one of the leading agencies when it comes to helping WordPress sites as well as shops exist on the internet. Our focus has been on CMS over the years as a professional marketing and advertising agency. We also render uncompromised support to clients in order to help them get the best from WordPress platform.

Apart from offering WordPress support, we can also help out on various areas like analysis, updates, installation, training, workshops, advice and more.

Performance optimization, backup solutions and WordPress security are in very high demand at the moment. Based on your needs, we can render customer-tailored programming, theme adjustments, web design, plug-in solutions (customer-specific) and many others. 

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What you can experience with our professional WordPress consultation services:

  • Fixed contacts as well as experts
  • CMS consultation as well as solution-based work
  • Web design consultation for bloggers, web shops and webmasters
  • Professional advice on programming
  • High data protection and updated technology
  • Transparent method of work and ticket system
  • Highest standards
  • Affordable pricing as well as reliable processing