Search engine optimization SEO – well done, long-lasting & natural!

Do you want to be (more) successful on the Internet driving result through organic traffic? With SEO, you can benefit from long-lasting gains by creating individual strategies and execute well-founded implementations.

Customer acquisition is the most important thing, and Google is still by far the number one way to get them!

As your SEO agency located in Thailand with a western workforce in Denmark and Estonia, we provide evolving SEO services following current trends of optimization. All websites and shops can benefit from Search Engine optimization from small business sites to corporate business website and eCommerce.

And when have you have visitors on your site, make sure to get increased turnover with conversion optimization! Whenever we create SEO content and websites, we implement both SEO and conversion optimization at once it is both efficient and financial sound.

Your unique SEO plan can include one or more elements:

Every market and web project is different, and we approach your goal different if you are a startup or if your website already has years online, also if your competitors are weak or strong, if your budget small or big, or your goals are small or huge.

Professional SEO consulting with full analysis & strategy development.

Technical optimization

Speed optimization - Google prefers fast websites, and so do your customers

Google implement Mobile-first soon

Content marketing

Combine your SEO with SEA – Google Ads / Shopping

Local business optimization (Local SEO)

We always do our analysis well, so you know what results to expect from your campaign

Why you want our help with SEO:

The SEO Process

First, we analyze the page value, evaluate statistics and PageRank and develop a strategy for increasing the ranking to an optimal level. Monitoring and controlling are very important in order to be able to carry out individual SEO optimization.

We will, of course, send you a weekly or monthly evaluation by email.

By the way, we also do an Amazon SEO optimization (listing & PPC)

In addition to optimizing your page (OnPage) using many different factors, linking your content in the right context (OffPage) offers growth in trust and relevance within the search engines.

Once the OnPage optimization has been completed, links are automatically established and relevant pages are evaluated. We use reputable sources and do not buy links illegally.

The second step usually also includes social SEO, the improvement of indexing in search engines through signals from large platforms such as Google+, Facebook and co.

When a site has been technically optimized, so that text and images are coherent and relevant, and the structure makes the read though a pleassents read. Making the customer only a clicks away from the

Don’t burn unnecessarily large amounts of money with Google Ads and Facebook ads. Do it smart, build your website and SEO foundation, and then combine your Pay-per-click campaigns on top. Save a lot of money while you get profitable gains.