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Our guarantee of success speaks for itself, as we definitely ensure a better evaluation of your website, blog or online shop with our topic-relevant backlinks (content links + forum links) and high-quality link sources!

What is link building?

SEO link building consists of attaining reference links from authority websites that point back to your site. A link from an authority site is very useful. Google and other search engines treat a link from another website to your site as a vote of confidence. They will rank you higher based on that vote. Thus, it’s better to have more good quality links.

A single link from a high authority website has more value than many links from a bunch of low authority websites. Backlinks from sites within your niche will give you a considerable measure of traffic to your website.

Link building is an integral part of a website’s search engine optimization strategy. Creating efficient backlinks to rank on the first page of Google is more complicated than it seems – but not with LK-Media!

The most common question: What are the advantages of a good Google ranking?

Through us, you have the opportunity to get a complete SEO package, with which you will achieve a better Google ranking and get more visitors. You benefit from more new visitors and thus generate more sales than ever – entirely organically via Google search without a monthly advertising budget. You don’t even have to buy Google reviews because you will get them 100% naturally. We offer search engine advertising as a hybrid strategy so that you are also directly visible at the top in the advertising area.

Buy Google ranking with backlinks – is it worth it?

Many sales and classified ads portals sell ranking packages at a low price, but these are very inferior sites. The pages have hardly any value and link hundreds of new pages every day. A better Google ranking cannot simply be bought – there is more to it. If you take advantage of such an offer, it could lead to your website suddenly losing rankings.

We offer our backlink packages with a professional performance at a fair price. We offer you unique backlink packages with and without OnPage SEO and SEA search engine advertising as a hybrid strategy from a single source.

Together with a careful and well-thought-out OnPage SEO strategy by us and the additional option of buying SEO texts and links, we offer the ideal partner as an SEO agency. We take on all activities in the highest quality, efficiently and for your success. Building sustainable backlinks have never been so easy and efficient!

You can see in the graphics what high-quality, and useful content links with high topic relevance can bring. The success is usually noticeable immediately after a few weeks.

With new websites and domains, in particular, building backlinks is crucial so that external value is immediately confirmed.


Link Building Services We Provide

  • Wide range article Marketing
  • Authority links
  • Press releases
  • Sponsored content
  • Guest posting
  • Reciprocal links
  • Social media backlinks
  • Bookmarks
  • Comments on blogs or forums
  • Directories and Business Indexes
  • Content creation (Outreach)
  • Tiered links
  • Article directory submissions
  • Backlinks from video websites
  • PDF submissions
  • Profile backlinks

Wide range article Marketing

We compose articles utilizing your keywords and link them to your main website. This is still the top factor of SEO especially with a quality link building strategy. See One-way links from authority sites a bit further down. One-way links are the crème de la crème of SEO. We post content on high-quality websites, mainstream blogs, news outlets and others, producing quality one-way links. When commenting on blogs or online forums, we put a link back to your website in the username and not in your comment. We provide valuable comments as most blogs erase comments that don’t include value. We construct one-way links by submitting your business website URL to online directories. We confine your submissions to high PR directories. We improve your website through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and enhance your website ranking by utilizing these two sites successfully to achieve a great deal of potential. Though misuse has lessened the value, yet it is still a suitable SEO link building strategy. We Bookmark your website on different social sites to get traffic. Web traffic can also be created through press releases. Therefore, we submit an elegantly composed official Press Release when you have something to share or report.

Get Professional SEO Link Building Services

A successful way to SEO link building strategy is to create authority backlinks over a long period of time consistently. Depending on your resources create 1-20 links each week, and it will worth it. Websites don’t get on the first page of Google overnight as SEO link building requires serious efforts, and you have to keep in mind not to create backlinks from banned, gambling, and XXXsites. Also, you should never create an enormous amount of links in a short timeframe and don’t utilize black hat methods. So, yes, SEO link building can be a handful, but for professionals, it is not. Thus, contact LK-Media to avail our SEO link building services.

Getting good backlinks has never been easier